A gold standard of learning.

When it comes to education, Alva and Woods County mean business, investing to assure success at all levels, whether it’s per-pupil spending that’s above the state average or the dedication of sales tax money to fund university scholarships.

K-12: The goldbug made its entrance at Alva High School in the 1920s, when an English teacher and admirer of Edgar Allen Poe gave out delicately cut paper goldbugs as awards for student excellence in honor of Poe’s short story. The symbolism is fitting for a system that turns every school day into golden learning opportunity and provides support that includes an expenditure per student of $14,600, which is more than $5,000 above the state average. The graduation rate of 94.2% is also higher than the state average. And thanks to two dual-enrollment programs with Northwest Technology Center and with Northwestern Oklahoma State University, high school students graduate college- and/or career-ready.

student studying
Northwest OK State University sign
Students gathering in common room

Northwest Technology Center: Through both licensure or certification, NTC opens opportunity across the board with 37 career options in 11 different program areas, available to both adults and high school students. For adults with limited time, short-term courses also provide a viable alternative to expand career options or even gain expertise in personal and leisure interests.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University: For well over a century, NWOSU has been preparing students for an ever-changing world, and in today’s fast-paced global world the university continues its leading role, attracting a national and international enrollment. Choices are abundant here—three campuses, including the main campus in Alva, and 40 different areas of study leading to Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees. The university also offers multiple master’s degree programs and a doctoral program in nursing practice. Rigorous standards and a campus experience that is engaging and exciting, thanks in part to NCAA Division II athletics, make NWOSU a powerful launching pad for career and life.

Assured quality, great aptitude, and ample choices—when it comes to education, our brand means business.


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