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dune buggy race
dune buggy in midair
dune buggy mud riding
dune buggy racing on sand

photos provided by Carra Miller Photography

Terrain that transports: The ATV’s engine races and so does your heart as you survey the sand dune rising 75 feet in the air in front of you. As you take the dune, exhilaration takes over and you head for the next—and the next. At the Little Sahara State Park, the dunes are addictive. Woods County can’t take credit for the Park’s 1,600 acres of rugged, majestic topography—the dunes are a prehistoric remnant from an era when the Cimarron River submerged the area. However, it was far-sighted leaders in the city of Waynoka and Woods County who developed the park and made it a star Oklahoma attraction, drawing eager racers ready to tackle the terrain in all types of off-road vehicles.


Gatherings and games. While the upcoming 32,000-sq.-ft. events center will host gatherings and events ranging from rodeos to lawn and garden shows, residents of all ages already enjoy a year-round calendar of sports including baseball, basketball, and soccer at the Alva Recreational Center. The calendar is also packed for NCAA Division II excitement thanks to the NWOSU Rangers competing in 11 different sports. Whether cheering or playing, Woods County believes everyone should join the fun, which is why Alva hosts the nation’s largest annual free auto show, drawing crowds of up to 16,000 rolling in to enjoy the show or show off their wheels.

More natural wonders. Alva also sits at the central point between two other popular state parks—the Great Salt Plains State Park and the Alabaster Caverns State Park, both natural wonders that visitors never cease to enjoy. While Alabaster Caverns offers ample recreational facilities, the 3/4-mile cavern—the largest natural alabaster cave in the world—is the most truly awesome attraction of this the 200-acre park. The 8,960-acre Great Salt Plains Lake is the centerpiece of its namesake park, where the salt flats make a striking scene and visitors can enjoy fishing, camping, and horseback riding. At the adjacent national wildlife refuge, birdwatching is excellent in a habitat for 300 species of birds. The refuge is also the only location in the world where crystal hunters can actually dig for hourglass selenite crystals.

From state parks to annual events and festivals to inviting recreational facilities, Woods County means more to explore and enjoy every day. Get a taste of more options here.


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