Living with a higher degree of satisfaction.

A ten-year-old striker fires off a shot. A family opens the door to a home more spacious than they ever dreamed they could afford. A dune buggy driver charges a soaring sand dune. A graduate proudly walks the stage to receive his college diploma.

Goals may come in all categories, but in Woods County, a county with a high percentage of college graduates, we pursue those goals with a sense of purpose and initiative that results in a higher degree of satisfaction for all.

Share Medical Center

Woods County is a healthy community. As home to Share Medical Center, Woods County answers the health needs of the community with the latest in care. Our conditions are also empowering for good health—stress is lower here thanks to low costs (housing costs just 31.1% of the national average), low commute times (an average of just 10.1 minutes), and an abundant array of recreational options that can rev up fitness or refresh your outlook on life. At the campus wellness center, residents can pedal pell-mell in spin classes or unwind with a massage. Three state parks, including the Little Sahara State Park, offer getaways close enough for every day, places to charge sand dunes or to relax and recharge against spectacular natural settings. Learn more here about the nurturing care residents enjoy in Woods County.

Woods County is an educated community. Families can feel assured that a bright future lies within reach for every child through excellent K-12 schools, Northwest Technology Center, and Northwestern Oklahoma State University. (Our high concentration of college graduates is a testament to that.) We also believe that learning can be fun and fascinating, a philosophy that informed our development of multiple county museums. And because arts and culture are important to us, creativity in all things is what makes our historic Downtown district shine. Go deeper to explore our educational assets here

Crowd shot of ATV festival

Woods County is a family community. Our schools, neighborhoods, and well-equipped sports facilities help family flourish mentally and physically. Learning is a delight for all ages here, in school and out, with five museums dedicated to topics ranging from historical to ornithological. And with a new events center and year-round calendar of events, funded by a small tourism tax, Woods County is always home to great family fun, from the nation’s largest free annual car rally to one of Oklahoma’s longest running arts festivals. Learn more about our recreational options here

Whether it’s funding great activities, establishing a state park or a state school, Woods County works with intention and purpose. When it comes to a great life, our brand means business.


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