2024 Lt. Governor Turkey Hunt: Photo Gallery Day 1

June 1, 2024

2024 Lt. Governor Turkey Hunt - Photo Gallery Day 1

Oklahoma Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell was in Alva Thursday as part of the 36th Annual Lt. Governor's Turkey Hunt that tours towns and cities across the state.  Alva's Dinner and Dessert evening was held at the Damon Sherrell barn north of town. Enjoy the photos of the Three Day Event!  On Wednesday, we kicked off with a Retail Business and Development Workshop.  We had speakers from Main Street, Made in Oklahoma, and Film and Music to give free presentations to community leaders and business owners.  Later that night, our guests and guides got to meet.  On Thursday, aside from the hunting, we had a visit to Freedom and lunch at the Freedom Chophouse.  Next, we went on a tour in Waynoka.  We started at the Harvey House and then toured America's Oasis, a project that has taken off in the sand dunes.  That night was the Lt. Governor's Turkey Hunt Dinner.  What's better than turkey for dinner?  STEAK!  And great ones at that.  To close it off on Friday, we had Eggs and Issues put on by the Alva Chamber of Commerce.  Legislators came to speak on what is happening in Oklahoma.  After which a few economic development meetings and tours took place to show everyone what Woods County has to offer!


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